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Gravel Driveway Restoration
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David "Driveway Dave" McAvinew, Owner/Operator
About Gravel Driveway Restoration
Gravel Driveway Restoration is locally-owned and operated right here in Akron, Ohio . 

David "Driveway Dave" McAvinew spent years developing a way to restore gravel driveways without the need for costly loads of gravel!  He engineered and built the machines and a system that would lift and rejuvinate the gravel that has been pushed below the surface.  Most homeowners add gravel to their driveways every few years!  For a mid-century or earlier home, that adds up to an abundance of gravel that keeps getting pushed below the surface.  Through his technology, we are able to rejuvinate this gravel and restore a driveway at a much more efficient and cost effective way for our customers. 
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